Take Back Control of Your Cloud

CP Metrics gives unified, real-time insight and management for Public Cloud IT,
just the way you need it.

Cloud Computing delivers excellent agility and flexibility for businesses, although gathering and understanding what's in the Cloud is hard and takes time. Additionally, CTOs, CIOs, IT Managers, Developers and System Administrators all have different requirements from the information, so how can you ensure the information you need is always there?

CP Metrics establishes visibility of where applications are located, helps plan capacity requirements, estimating budgets or simply knowing what has been deployed, saving hours of data gathering and potential inaccuracies.

CIOs and CTOs

How can you define a strategy and set a budget when you only have have the story?

CP Metrics gives you business intelligence on Cloud usage, highlighting risks, unnecessary spend and projected capacity or costs

IT Managers

How can you ensure you are delivering applications and services that meet your user's requirements?

CP Metrics helps you plan capacity and cost requirements and understand how applications and services are deployed.
It helps you address risks, compliance and protect the business in the event of disaster.


Understand your current and future application deployments, knowing where data flows and resides.
See an instant picture of which components make up your services.

System Administrators

Reduce time taken to troubleshoot and deploy applications.
Understand your capacity usage across clouds and see a clear picture of your infrastructure and services, finding unused and orphaned objects.

CP Metrics is currently in Private BETA.

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